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The waitress and her stalker |Part 3|
Huffing and sweating you fell back into the sheets next to Nagito. The air in his room was now warm and moist with both of your scents still lingering and intermingling as you basked in the afterglow. You tried to catch your breath and after a while, you had calmed down enough to speak up.
"That was... amazing."
He laughed.
"That's what I was thinking just now. You sure can be loud. I like that" he added.
You blushed furiously.
"Sh-Shut up! I mean, it's not like it matters since you live alone anyway..."
He tilted his head and furrowed his brows. "Actually... that's not quite true. I... kinda forgot to mention that I live here with a friend." He laughed awkwardly as he saw you gradually growing more and more flustered.
"Hey, don't worry about it. He isn't home anyway. And even if he was, there'd be a good chance that only one half witnessed it."
Now you were completely confused. "One half??"
"Yeah. He's got a split personality. Interestingly enough" - he snuggled closer to you and put
:iconlunaticam:lunaticam 6 3
The waitress and her stalker |part2|
"B-but Sonia! What do I do if he really doesn't like me after all??" You whined. "It's been almost a whole month now since that incident in the café and we've had four amazing dates since then. Four! And to top it off, we text each other every day. I mean, it's perfect! Just why won't he make a move?"
You made a pouty face and dug your hand into the bowl with chips once more in the irrational hope that you could somehow stuff your body with calories instead of self-pity. When had been the last time you were so upset? You couldn't quite remember, all you could think about was him, anyway. Over the course of the last month you had truly fallen in love with your former stalker, Nagito Komaeda. You could listen to him talk for hours, your heart exploded when he smiled at you and you got unreasonably excited when you received a message from him... There was no mistaking it, you had completely fallen for him.
You suspected (or rather hoped) that he felt the same, but the problem lay exa
:iconlunaticam:lunaticam 6 6
The Waitress and her stalker [Komaeda x Reader One
It was a warm sunny day in June and one could find people in summer clothing all over the city, complaining about the temperature. Still, cold shivers were running down your spine constantly. This had indeed nothing to do with the weather though. The reason for your discomfort was one of the guests in the maid café you worked at as a waitress. He seemed a little older than you meaning he was maybe about 22 or 23 years old. His tall, skinny frame, pale complexion and white fluffy hair made him seem quite fragile despite his over all oddly handsome appearance. You would probably feel sorry for him if he wasn't here everyday to watch you nervously as you served the other customers. At least, that's what you thought he was doing. You could always feel his stare on your back and when you decided to lock eyes with him in order to maybe make it stop he either blushed furiously or looked away quickly. In a way that behaviour was really cute... that is to say, would be cute if that stalker
:iconlunaticam:lunaticam 13 4
Life With You [Ishimaru X Reader]
[Name] was never one to complain. She had a boyfriend she loved, Kiyotaka Ishimaru. They’d been together since High School, when she was in Japan. Even though they’d been dating 4 years, he still hadn’t kissed her. But she didn’t care at the time. If he was happy, she was, too.
But, there was a reason for not caring. He’d never kissed anyone, and neither had she. He had a plan, but all he’d tell her is that they’d be each other’s first kiss.
She didn’t know, though. She always felt ugly, and never felt quite adequate enough to be with him. Sometimes she thought it was pity. He felt the need to date her because he felt bad for her. Another reason that he could be is because her parents owned the University they were attending, and she was rich. A lot of boys had come and gone because they were trying to use her to get to the money.
But, she tried to push that aside… Until the feelings got stronger recently. This freshman girl,
:iconnat-the-alley-cat:Nat-The-Alley-Cat 178 68
Gundham Tanaka x Reader (Danganronpa 2)
It was a grey and gloomy day.  The clouds let out a dark almost purplish sinister aura that invaded the island much like the time when Monokuma first appeared.  The wind was pulling at the gentle green palm trees as if they were some boy yanking at a little girl’s pig-tails.  The ocean’s attitude seemed to reflect the air, as waves were crashing down violently upon the sand, hitting it with every ounce of force that the water had.  The sand seemed sharper than usually, not in the way that it would cause death to one’s feet if they stepped upon it, rather a torturous method like the iron maiden, poking small holes in the bottom of feet.  That was exactly the way Gundham Tanaka liked it.
He strolled happily down the beach, shoes off, wearing his bathing suit.  His Hell Hound Earing dangling from his right ear.  His hair stood still in place, perfectly.  Yet, strangely, his dark purple scarf still resided on his neck.  He was
:iconsedonaandlilly:sedonaandlilly 75 33
Devil's Food (Gundam x Reader)
    You were in the kitchen getting ready to do one of your favorite things in the world...baking! You were extremely thrilled, not just because you got a new apron or because you just restocked everything in your bakery, or because you got to close shop today, but because you got a chance to do the thing you love with the person you love (not like you would admit it).  Anyway you were walking around your families bakery humming a small tune of you favorite band as you got all the supplies out.
You see today you had to cook a huge batch of sweets for a bake sell, that was donating all of it's proceeds to a run down, but effective vet.  You often baked for a events like these, however this time you were doing as a personal favor for a friend. You couldn't help but giggle when you remembered the way he asked for your help, it was one of the most bizarre things, but you couldn't help but accept.  You looked at your wrist watch and saw he should be here soon which
:iconpeaceswore:Peaceswore 128 16
Weather Demons (GundamxReader)
Weather Demons (Gundam x reader)
    'Geez sometimes my luck is worse than Komaeda's.'   You thought as you looked at the pouring rain.  You had done some quick shopping, and had just left the last store when the sky suddenly let loose.  Now you were soaked to the bone and taking cover under an awning in front of a closed ice cream shop.  'Clear and sunny for the rest of the week, yeah right.  How did they mess up their prediction so badly?'  You wondered as you waited for the sudden storm to subside.
     As you were wondering if you should make a run for it, someone else soon accompanied you under your hiding spot.  At first you didn't pay any mind to the person till you heard him mumbling to himself.  You glanced at him and saw the familiar purple scarf.
    "Gundam?"  The teenager was surprised to hear his name and looked around a bit till his eyes landed on you.
:iconpeaceswore:Peaceswore 121 36
Mature content
White Noise (Gundham Tanaka x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 42 10
Flutter, Flutter (Nagito Komaeda X Shy!Reader)
(A/N: Listen to this as you read.
It's been about a week since you were brought to this island, courtesy of Usami, along with 16 other students. Everyone seemed nice to you, but there was just one little problem.
You were absolutely shy, might as well say extremely anti-social.
Even though you were the SHSL Poet, your way with words didn't flow as well as it would on paper, and others seemed to notice this.
Ibuki would always try to push you into social events, like parties and hangouts, but the nightlife just didn't quite feel right. At the very least, you could speak a little with Mikan, but even she felt awkward speaking with you. It wasn't until today, that you would find the possible solution in someone, who ruffled you the wrong way.
"Ibuki thinks you should join us for the fireworks display!" exclaimed the musician, poking and prodding your shoulder. She's been jabbing that one spot for about two minutes, that
:iconkuraiyuri:Kuraiyuri 159 43
INTERACTIVE SANS :iconshivery-sapphire:Shivery-Sapphire 1,377 1,345
Just Talk {Sans/Reader}
It was late. Perhaps too late for you to be wandering upstairs towards the familiar sight of Sans' bedroom, maybe just a little too late for you to be wondering where he went off to. But the party downstairs was becoming too much, too many questions from everyone, too many yells of drunken laughter and too many people. You were never one for crowds anyway. 
Papyrus had thrown a large party that night, saying he wanted to celebrate making friends with you. You told him you didn't want a big party but, him being who he was, he was set on that idea, and he certainly went through with it. He invited practically everyone you knew, too. 
It was fun at first. There was laughter, big smiles and pats on the back. People started various different games, one of which being 7 minutes in heaven. You refused to participate in most though. You mainly stayed around your closest friends, those being Papyrus, Sans, and Alphys. Although it was nice to have everyone else here, too. 
But you
:iconfab7424:fab7424 379 156
Mature content
Three can be better than two. :iconcristinerds:cristinerds 26 7
'The Visitor' - [Jean x Mermaid!Reader] - Part 6
---'The Visitor': Jean x Mermaid!Reader: Part 6---
With piercing blue eyes, the ice blonde girl scans her surroundings, closing the door behind her. She motions to her companions - the tank and the black-haired giant. The three of them move as a singular unit - less a clique and more like a gang. Their eyes are steeled with purpose, but what is their intent? Hell if I know. The only clue I have to go on is the fact that you're flattening yourself against the car seat, hiding yourself, shivering violently. That can't be a good sign.
Knowing your instincts for danger, I'm almost tempted to do the same. Luckily, Marco catches the hint almost as quickly as I do.
"Act casual," I murmur in his general direction. "Don't make eye contact. Don't act like anyone's in the back seat."
He shoots me a nervous look, eyes flickering faintly towards you. "But what about…?"
"The rear windows are tinted, she'll be fine!" I hiss, quickly pulling out my phone. I handle it as though I'm about t
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 137 51
Mature content
| friends |. levi [lemon] :iconhellhuvabutlr:hellhuvabutlr 470 103
7 Suggestions for Crafting your Story's Monster
7 Suggestions for Crafting your Story's Monster
Recently, I wrote an article about creating a story villain/antagonist, and focused a lot on how this was different from creating a “monster.” Today, I'm going to talk about monsters, how to create them, and how to use them efficiently. Please note that I am not talking about monsters as a designation of species (like Monsters Inc), but as a literary device.
Suggestion 1: Know how a monster differs from a beast or a villain.
Monsters have their own place in the fiction genre—completely separate from such antagonist forces as “villains” or “beasts”. Unlike a villain, a monster has no shred of humanity in it—even if it once was a human (like Freddy Kreuger). And unlike a beast, a monster is not part of the healthy ecosystem of your world. It is not part of the “circle of life” (even the more predatory parts), but a force of destruction.
Suggestion 2: Your monster should be more pow
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 186 24
9 Qualities Readers Want in Your Story's Antihero
9 Qualities Readers Want in Your Story's Antihero
One of the most trending archetypes in modern literature and movies is the antihero. As such, it is also one of the most abused, used often to gain an automatic audience following, or to add sex appeal to a product. Alternatively, I see many beginning writers use the term “antihero” do describe a gritty, dark, or moody hero. All that being said—when created correctly, the antihero story is one of the best types available; which leaves only the matter of knowing the qualities which make a cha
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 314 80



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Who am I? Well, I am the doppelganger of a certain dimensional walker named DW. It is from her fear of embarrassment and dark secrets that bore me. What she fails to do and express, I will take her place to save her from the embarrassment and shame. That poor girl, does she not know that the more she shames, the more I grow? Ah but at least, as long as the triggers exist, I will always be beside her. I am the side who deals with, what she calls "embarrassing", fan fiction. I will also deal with the cover arts.

1. We don't do yaoi/yuri.
In the sanest part of our sanity, we don't do homosexual pairings. Not that we have anything against it, we just cannot do it. We're fine with legitimate/canonical pairings though.

2. We don't do crack pairings.
We do crack, yes but not crack pairings.

3. No guaranteed deadlines.
Because we have a working life, we cannot guarantee a deadline for the next fan fic. However, we will organize a list that you can keep track of.

4. One request per person at a time.
It's hard to keep track if someone requests more than one. Plus, we find it a bit unfair.

5. Hange's gender will remain ambiguous.
Due to the ambiguous nature of Hange's gender, all pronouns mentioning this character will have both male and female versions. Although we're quite sure he/she's actually an effeminate guy. There are exceptions when he/she's viewed as a woman.

6. Restrictions will be imposed.
Due to the disappearances of smut fics in dA, I will not post any here. Instead, a censored version will be available for anyone who wishes to read the story.

7. Remember who does the work.
Fan fiction = Doppel
Art = DW
This is because DW deactivated her account so she's using here as well.

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What Type Of Dere Are You?
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Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
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